Discover Senteurs Paysages,
a green space company
in Mandelieu-la-Napoule

Senteurs Paysages is a green space company created by two nature lovers , Messrs Cattani and Le Van, and installed since 2011 in Mandelieu-la-Napoule. At the beginning, a small company offering only the maintenance of gardens, we shared our know-how and our fields of intervention. Today, we take care of the current missions of the landscapers:
the creation of gardens, the maintenance of gardens, the pruning and the slaughter, the phytosanitary treatment, the treatment of the pests, the creation of the automatic watering, the creation of terraces …
We intervene around Mandelieu, in particular in Cannes, for the realization of your work of green spaces .

Would you like further information ?
Contact us at +336 73 47 24 44 or +336 63 99 06 20 !
We are always at your disposal.

Find our different guarantees and qualifications !

Since 2011, we have been able to satisfy many customers. The satisfaction of our customers is due to the quality of our intervention, but also to our certifications, our approvals, our commitments and our concerns. A whole set of services and services offered to accompany you!


Our certifications

  • CAP Landscaping
  • BEP Spatial planning
  • BEP Maintenance and planning of natural and rural areas
  • Tray Pro Landscaping
  • • Certificate of specialization golf gardener and maintenance of turf sports grounds

Our approvals

  • Treatment of the palm weevil
  • Work at height (acrobatic pruning)
  • Approval of the DRAAF (Regional Directorate for Food, Agriculture and Forestry)
  • Approval number : PA 01674
  • AFNOR certification

Our engagements

  • Quick response to your requests
  • Compliance with contractual deadlines
  • Neat and quality workmanship
  • High-performance, adapted and varied materials
  • Preservation of the environment

Our concerns

At the heart of our concerns, one of our main commitments is the environment. Over the years, we have put in place guidelines to respect the environment. That’s why we strive to use respectful products during the phytosanitary treatment of your garden.

  • Valorisation of green waste
  • Harvesting trees cut down with firewood
  • Use of biological rather than chemical treatment products
  • Spreading of predominantly organic fertilizers
  • The use of recent equipment
  • Installation of automatic watering systems with low water consumption

Our team, professionals at the service of the environment!

Our company Scents Landscapes consists of 9 employees. We are professionals with their own experience , bringing their own personality to a dynamic and passionate team. This team allows us to ensure several green spaces at the same time, and therefore to quickly realize your requests (creation of gardens, garden maintenance …), as soon as possible.

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